Von: Cyrus
this year we met some extraordinary people. one of them was doria gray who took me on a trip into the world of shadowrun. hopefully we’ll get some more things started together after that first collaboration. check out her profile @ www.myspace.com/doriagray.

another one was a guy i will introduce to you some closer in the near future. we've already made some pretty cool stuff together here at the empire studios. so, this is the buggerour live dvd isn't completed yet but I’m sure: as soon as you will hear the results of our partnership you will forgive him. it’s really worth waiting!

and last but not least there was peter from project pitchfork, who we met at our dj-set @ wgt. a few weeks later he approached us to do a remix for his new pitchfork-single. so we did. and hell yeah, it became a good one in my opinion.

so, what to say at the 24th december? let me quote peter: santa hates you! well, at least we do hate him. check this out and you will understand: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=O_sA1OQ_eUw

have a great holiday! cy


Von: Cyrus
like every year it was a pleasure meeting you guys @ wgt. some of you reproved us for not announcing our dvd preview any earlier so they've missed it. blame us! you are right, next time we announce it earlier! meanwhile we have a rough cut of the maneater-clip available @ the blog-section of our myspace-page... cy


Von: Cyrus
we will come to wgt this year again for spinnig some records together with peter form pitchfork. currently i'm preparing a 45min preview of our upcoming dvd to showcase it @ the local cinema during wgt for our closest friends. you are welcome to join us... cy


Von: Cyrus
making a 1st preview of the forthcoming retrosic dvd available on some compilations that asked for a retrosic contribution became a bit tricky regarding its content. but finally the guys from the german music mag sonic seducer had the balls to present it on the dvd of their new issue. enjoy... cy

2007 / 2008

Von: Cyrus
2007 is history! thank you for your ongoing support throughout the past year! of course our live premiere @ WGT was the most outstanding event in 2007 for the retrosic. afterwards it became a bit quiet for a while, however we have been very busy lately: we are still editing the recordings of our wgt show since we are working hard on a dvd release of that concert for 2008! so, if everything works out fine we will release a first appetizer of it on one of the forthcoming DVD samplers. and plans for a new album are evolving, too... cy & fletcher


Von: Cyrus
it's time again! after some projects I had to do besides the retrosic fletcher and i will spin some records @ a big party in vienna, it's called: 666. i'm pretty eager to start working on new tracks and of course it's even more motivating to know that our last record just hit no. #1 in the portuguese alternative charts... wow, i haven't even known that our records would be available there! amazing news, guys! meanwhile we will finally start working out something with all the great stuff our camera-crew has recorded during our live-show @ wgt 2007. so, no time to rest! i'll keep you updated... cy


Von: Cyrus
thank you folks for giving us such a great time at the WGT! your huge amount of mails, letters and comments concerning the show are – what else could i say – fuckin amazing! many of you shoot some great photos and wrote us terrific lines! for all those who are asking for more shows to come we can say that you definitely made us think about that... cy


Von: Cyrus
we’ve locked ourselves into the studio to prepare our setlist for the upcoming life show at WGT 2007. therefore we’ve worked a lot with driving baselines and rearranged some of the songs like eat me alive, which will be the oldest song in the set besides ground zero. i’m pretty happy with the ensemble we will have on stage and the stage design kicks ass! what we can reveal by now is, that this show will get hard, sexy and fuckin’ dirty... cy


Von: Cyrus
it's 4.00 a.m. and i've just finished our remix for a new wumpscut song. it's a track called adonai my lord from the upcoming wumpscut album body census. i'm only knowing the parts and loops of the song rudy has sent us so i can't say anything about the original version, however, the remix is already to our liking. i guess it will be the only remix we do for other bands in the run-up of our live premiere in may, since i decided to rework some of our own tracks for the show. 2007 is waiting around the corner, ladies and gents: have a sublime year... cy


Von: Cyrus
just want to let all of you know that we're planning something big for 2007. since we were asked a thousand times, when we wanna bring the retrosic on stage, i can tell you finally: we've just started with preparation... we will supply the guys from the news department with all details about the show within the next days to get an official announcement online asap what means in all probability shortly before x-mas. have some great holidays... cy